Animal sera, plasma and more

Bovine blood products, including serums, albumin, and plasmas, are derived from the blood of cattle. These products serve various purposes in medical, research, and industrial applications. Serums contain antibodies and other proteins, crucial for diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments. Albumin, a protein found in blood plasma, is commonly used to stabilize vaccines and in cell culture media. Plasmas are rich in clotting factors and are utilized in coagulation studies, blood transfusions, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Apart from untreated FBS products, we offer most of our customers various treatment options, such as heat inactivation, gamma irradiation, exosome depletion, and many others.

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Other animal products

Other animal blood by-products, including clotting factors, immunoglobulins, platelet concentrates, hemoglobin, fibrinogen, and cryoprecipitate, are utilized in medicine for treating coagulation disorders, immune deficiencies, anemia, and supporting blood transfusions. Derived from blood components, these products have diverse applications in healthcare, research, and industry.

Other products are available on request.

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