Reduce or Replace Your Amount of FBS

We developed together with our partner an high performance supplement to reduce or replace fully the using of fetal bovine serum in your cell culture or similar processes around the cells.

Our replacement is a supplement for serum-free cell culture processes. It contains proteins produced by continuously growing hepatocyte-derived cell lines in a concentrated and purified form.


The supplement is available in two variations:

  • Frozen liquid (100 mg | 10 mg/ml)
  • Lyophilised solid (10 mg)

Additionally, it is worth noting that depending on the cell type, specific growth factors need to be added.

Due to the low amount of albumin or other bulk proteins required, significantly less is needed, typically 2x-10x less than standard formulations.


For Example: 

FBS for fibroblast cells

Normally you use 500mL cell culture media with approximately 50mL Serum (200-500 €/500ml).

Your costs for 550mL depends between 30 - 80 €/550mL  

OUR Replacement for fibroblast cells

You also use 500mL cell culture media with 5mG Replacement*.

Your for the complete media are approximately 10 - 35 € / 500mL  


*Cell cultures directly at a concentration of 5 - 100 mg/L final volume. 

Formulation: 10mg optimized of 100mL - 2 Ltr. cell culture media and 100mg for 1 Ltr. up to 20 Ltr. 

Why Choose Us?


transferrin, a small amount of serum albumin, transthyretin, apolipoprotein B-100

Adhesion factors

fibronectin, various laminins

Protease inhibitors

Alpha-1-antitrypsin, alpha-2-macroglobulin, plasminogen activator inhibitor

Growth factors

Small amount of growth factors

Our Core Offerings

Frozen liquid

Lyophilised solid 

10 mg, which provides improved shipping and storage behaviour and is reconstituted in sterile water

100 mg | 10 mg/ml, powder

Other applications


Coating agent: 2-10ul/cm2 within PBS or H2O

Formulation: Dialyzed and contains no metabolites

Partner with us

Collaborating with us gives you access to years of expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive solutions tailored to the cell culture industry and more. Our dedication to high standards and regulatory compliance positions your project for success from initial research and lab stages to pilot programs and full-scale manufacturing.

Choose us as your partner to scale up your innovations, ensuring a quicker, more cost-effective path to market.

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