Plastic consumables

Seamless Bio provides high-quality services around single-use consumables for the life science industry.

Our solutions reduce risk and costs for everyone who uses substances in the biopharmaceutical market.

With our experience, we provide partners with fast and professional solutions, including sterile single-use consumables, networks, communities and complete solutions with plug and start the process. Our product range is what you need! We do not sell you only products which we have in stock. We sell you the complete solution with different partner. Each partner is a benefit for you. 
You need only SEAMLESS BIO to optimize your systems. Our standard portfolio includes containers, single-use consumables (Bags, Tankliner, Bottles), Platforms, Networkers and more.



We supply high-quality cell culture consumables from reputable manufacturers in China for biopharmaceutical companies, universities and scientific research institutions in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, etc. Our advantages are storage, pre-financing and just-in-time delivery from Germany. We have our own core technology for plastic processing and mold making and are familiar with international regulations for medical devices. If you have an OEM project, please contact us.


Tank liners


- 2D bags (500 mL up to 50 L)

- 3D bags (100 L up tp 1000 L)

- bags with integrated mix-welder

- 2D cryo bags (on request) 

- 20 L up to 1000 L

- Customized product available

- Bottles (PET, PETG, Centrifugation)

- Well-Plates

- Microscope with live data

- Cryo products

- Cell stacks

- Hyperflasks

Features and Benefits:

The products are made of multi-layer composite films adapted to the respective applications and can be equipped with tube connections and commercially available connector systems according to the specific application and customer requirements.

Our advanced test laboratory and our high-quality cleanrooms are available for the development and production of individual solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Gamma irradiated, individually packaged
  • Free of animal-derived components
  • Eliminate costs associated with the cleaning and validation of tanks
  • Decrease labor costs and increase turnaround time
  • Eliminate the risks associated with cross contamination
  • Help extend the life of reusable tanks, resulting in lower capital expenditures
  • Wide variety of sizes available

Features and Benefits

  • sterile products
  • flexible and scale up
  • low costs
  • high quality of service 
  • storage for your yearly amount

Technology of single-us-bags

Film and foil

Renolit 9001

Tubing materials

  • Silicon
  • C-Flex


  • MPC
  • MPX
  • Luer look
  • sterile coupling
  • sampling port.

Every port is closed with an safty couple.

Advantage for single use consumables:

  • Scalability: ideal for processes of any scale, from laboratory to production applications.
  • Immediate integration: excel in all phases of therapeutic biomaterials and vaccines production.
  • Functionality: reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Plus, by eliminating the need for in-place cleaning and sterilisation systems (CIP/SIP), you save time on setup, maintenance, and validation, increasing your production output.
  • Economics: helps save capital and labor costs, resulting in a reduction in the cost per item sold.
  • Strategic tool: faster time to market and reduces risk early in the product development cycle through lower investment costs.

Samples on request