Disease State Plasma

We offer speciality antibody tested plasmas available from single up to mixed donors and also for your designed specifications: 

  • Numerous disease states available – including viral positive, infectious, autoimmune and others
  • Many items available as plasma or serum, for use as diluents in the manufacture of positive and negative controls
  • Bulk pooled material and services such as defibrination, delipidization and heat inactivation are also available
  • Complete Traceability and Quality Control; raw, bulk serum and plasma collected from single donors within our closed-loop collection network at FDA registered and licensed facilities.
  • and more on request

Human Plasma and Blood Products

Seamless Bio`s partners with there collection of human plasma, serum and other human blood products are listed in the most of our supplier systems. Choose from human plasma, human whole blood products, human serum albumin and gamma globulin.

Serum Production

Whether you’re in need of a small or large batch of human serum for your cell culture needs or other types of serum, such as antibody positive/antibody negative; Our partners can fill your serum production needs. At partner manufacturing side, we have the experience of producing custom serum orders ranging from 1 L to more than 1,000 L.

Clinical Collections & Biospecimens

We provides a diverse array of biological specimens. All specimen collections conducted by Partners are IRB approved.

Specimen sources include our licensed and registered blood center, and both IRB approved physician sites and reference laboratories across the EU.

Analytical Testing

Our own analytical laboratory houses multiple testing platforms of your specifications.

We can supply you different products. All other products on request.


We can supply you with different products special designed on your specification and application.