From Lab Research to Full-Scale Manufacturing

Our extensive background in supporting the pharmaceutical and biotech industries has honed our expertise, making us the perfect partner for advancing food technology and production. We specialize in novel foods, including cultivated meats derived from stem cells without animal slaughter, seafood, and new dairy products made using microorganisms and mammalian cells. As a comprehensive provider, we offer complete solutions for this fast-growing market, along with our expertise in protein purification, particularly for food.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Solutions and High Standards

Our integrated offerings and in-depth regulatory knowledge ensure your success.

Accelerated Market Entry and Optimization

We help you reach the market faster and more efficiently, saving both time and costs.

Expert Cultivation and Purification Technologies

Our advanced techniques for microorganisms and mammalian cell cultures set us apart.

Cutting-Edge Data Analytics Software:

Fast-track development with optimal processes and valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Wide Range of Crossflow Technologies

Efficient separation and concentration of proteins tailored to your specific requirements.

Leading Protein Purification Expertise

High-quality purification processes, especially for baby food, are our hallmark.

Our Core Offerings

Advanced Cultivation and Purification Technologies:

State-of-the-Art Data Analytics and Software:

Diverse Crossflow Systems:

Expert Protein Purification:

Specialized solutions for handling microorganisms and mammalian cell cultures, essential for innovative food production.

Tools designed to enhance development speed, optimize processes, and provide actionable insights for ongoing improvements.

Comprehensive range of crossflow technologies for efficient protein separation and concentration, customized to meet your needs.

Industry-leading methods ensuring the highest standards of protein purification, crucial for food tech applications, particularly in baby food.

Partner with us

Collaborating with us gives you access to years of expertise, advanced technology, and comprehensive solutions tailored to the novel food industry. Our dedication to high standards and regulatory compliance positions your project for success from initial research and lab stages to pilot programs and full-scale manufacturing.

Choose us as your partner to scale up your food tech innovations, ensuring a quicker, more cost-effective path to market.

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